Licensing Changes Make DPM Even Cheaper!

I was informed recently by MS that the licensing of DPM had changed and I was getting some information together to write a post about it when Jason Buffington posted all the details on his blog yesterday.  So rather than wasting my time writing up the same information as Jason, I might as well just point you at his licensing post.

The major change is that you no longer need to purchase a license for your DPM server.  With DPM 2007 you would have purchased your DPM management licenses for the computers you want to protect and you would have also have had to purchase a separate SKU for the DPM server software.  Now, you no longer need to purchase the separate SKU for the DPM server software, purchasing one or more DPM management license will grant use rights for the DPM server software.

So if DPM was already cheap enough, especially if you purchase SMS-E/D, it’s just got even cheaper!

The only thing I haven’t I haven’t had confirmed by MS is what happens if you had purchased the DPM 2007 server SKU with software assurance, as effectively you will get nothing for having spent the extra for SA.  This might be dealt with on a per customer basis but if I find out anything concrete, I will let you know.

For full details of all the changes and licensing options though, check out Jason’s blog post above.




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