Levering the power of SCOM to be used with your Windows Azure Pack solution

A couple of days weeks ago, Winking smile  I released a new version of my management pack to monitor Windows Azure Pack.

I can tell you  a little about the vision I have when it concerns a management pack.

I will capture some of my vision in this blog and how to add the visual stuff in a professional view!

There are multiple parts for monitoring :

Technical The technical guy wants every detail and more, every bit.
It is impossible to whish for a tool to do all your work it is your responsibility to improve continuously. When an issue slipped through monitoring needs to be adjusted and the requirement will be to catch the issue the next time. His goal is in control an keeping in control.
He needs to keep his manager happy.
Management The manager wants to have an overview on the health and state. He wants to be able to tell the technical guy is in control. He wants prove on this by reports, visual dashboards, SLO’s.
He needs this to justify the IT budget and show the business how they are running.
He needs to keep the CEO happy.
Business or end user This is the most important part which is overlooked to many times.
They need a visual state on their business crucial services, they need SLO’s since these reflect the agreement with the IT department.
As an IT department the dash boarding is to show and impress the business their money is being spend well and IT delivers! (yes, IT managers this is really important, be transparent, build trust!)
And last but not least the CEO want to show off the dashboards on his smartphone to his golf buddies Winking smile

All these parts are important and the most important part make it visual and easy to understand at a glance!

My first WAP management pack covered the technical guy, the v2 covers both management as well as the end user where the emphasis is the end user or business!


As a side node this is again a step forward to my end goal which will cover the entire chain like a boss Hot smile 

And to use a popular term Fully Hybrid Nerd smile.

Off course before we can start you need to install the latest WAP management pack (v2) to be able to create these dashboards.


Proview Dashboards.

For this example I have used the visio plugin from OpsLogix to provide a nice visual overview.

The cool part is you can use existing visio’s and project your health, performance and monitor state on it.

And believe me this is far more easy than using the build in dashboarding.

and HTML 5 so mobile device with dashboarding for the CEO to show of Smile



First I selected a nice overview picture of the WAP Solution.

I used this as back ground of my visio diagram:


After this I added several health state icons to show the health state of my WAP environment:



To add the health icons:

image image
1.Select Add healthstate 2.Select the class and  scope to Windows Azure Pack Subscription Select the class instance we want to show the health state of
image image
Lastly you need to select the if you want to show label or Icon.
For this example we will show only the label and heath icon (not the class icon itself!)
And last you change the text format of the label and drag it on the visio.

Now do this for all icons and save it to SCOM. (or use the preview from the Proview plugin in visio!)



After defining the mayor components we can create an overview on the plans and subscriptions:



The final part which I wanted to add was not only a state view on all Subscriptions / plans but also an overview on the current performance of our subscriptions.

The Proview plugin also supports adding performance data in your visio, in our example we only want a counter but you can add graphs as well.

The final coolness I want to add is you can also link from one visio through the other by adding links to shapes. You simply hover over the shape and click the shape to the next visio!



This post was an example to show how you can leverage the power op WAP Management Pack in combination with Proview to visualize your WAP environment including plans and Subscriptions.


Next project will contain everything, like a boss including VM’s itself Smile


Useful links –


Proview – http://www.opslogix.com/proview


How to – http://www.opslogix.com/opslogix-proview-add-counter-wizard/




Stay tuned,


Cheers Oskar

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