Learn the Fundamentals of IT Automation – Free Course

One of the promises of System Center, Azure and other infrastructure and cloud management platforms is the ability to create more automated operations that involve less manual administration. But there is no “Enable Automation” check box in any of these products, because “automation” is a broad term that too often has a buzz word quality. I’d argue that automation as it applies to IT operations is as much a design philosophy and architectural style as it is a set of features in any given product or service. Consequently we have the same problem talking about IT automation as we did when first talking about the “cloud” — a lack of widely-understood, common concepts.

This was the motivation behind a new course on IT automation that shares some notes about how to think about the subject and delve further into it. It’s available at no cost and delivered via email, so if you’re an IT pro or leader looking for a quick reference on IT process automation, this should be a helpful resource.

The outline:

Day 1: Why Automation?
Day 2: What Does Automation Look Like?
Day 3: Automation Concepts and Techniques
Day 4: Automation Tools and Technologies
Day 5: Getting Started with Automation

To see a preview and sign up:

Learn the Fundamentals of IT Automation – Free Course


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