Kelverion Runbook Studio v3 is here!

Introducing the new Runbook Studio v3

In our recent webinars we showed how various parts of your cloud IT infrastructure could be automated with the Runbook Studio which simplifies the building and management of automation runbooks.

With our latest release we have massively enhanced the usability of the Runbook Studio to apply that same simplicity to the management of your entire automation infrastructure.

Key update features include:

  • New and improved graphical user interface.
  • Support for multiple tenants.
  • Edit existing schedule assets.
  • Drag and drop automation assets from one automation account to another.
  • View runbook draft and published content when working offline.
  • Upload and start a test job with a single click.
  • Simplified Smart Integration Module licensing, removing the license server.
  • Improved support for management of runbooks.

Also, a hugely requested feature by our Power Users, we have added the support for PowerShell, PowerShell Workflow and Python runbooks.

This webinar will look how the new version enables a successful and efficient implementation of Automation Runbooks.

We will cover:

  • How the new interface transforms your automation and runbook experience.
  • Interaction with complex Automation environments – with multi-tenant, drag and drop assets and schedule asset editing.
  • PowerShell, PowerShell Workflow and Python Runbook support.

Click here to sign up to our webinar and join us on Thursday July 12th, at 11am BST
Click here to sign up to our webinar and join us on Thursday July 19th, at 2pm EST

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