Inform an affected user when a new attachment is added in #SCSM

Last week we’ve got a request from our customer in Latin America who wanted to notify an affected user with an attachment link when the attachment is added to Incidents. There’s a solution published on the TechNet Service Manager blog that can be used to create a notification workflow. However, using this approach you can send a message with all attachments instead of last one.

I’ve created a new solution that is based on our earlier blog posts. The solution is used with our new Service Manager 2012 self-service portal URL’s setting.

The extension is ready to use ‘as is’. All you need is to do a few actions.

First, import SCUtils.Portal.Address.mpb management pack (find it here). Then go to Administration, Settings. Here double-click on SCUtils Portal Address Settings and specify the self-service portal URL. For SCUtils FileAttachment Free it would be like http://ssp2:81/ContentHost/ClientBin/AttachmentViewer.aspx, where http://ssp2:81 is the web content site’s URL (replace with your own value). For SCUtils FileAttachmentHTML5 it would be like http://ssp3/ContentHost/AttachmentViewer.aspx, where http://ssp3 is the HTML5 self-service portal URL (replace with your own value).


Please read the rest and download files here.

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