How to use the Management Pack Compare Util to identify management pack version differences

In environments with multiple management groups it’s really helpful to be able to quickly identify what management packs are different. I originally blogged on this utility at: but I didn’t cover the details of how to use the tool and it took me a few minutes to remember how this worked!

As a quick summary – the “Management Pack Compare Util” is available at:

This is a great tool for a quick management pack comparison between various Operations Manager and Service Manager environments.


To use the tool, download it and extract it to a folder. Next open it and configure the options with the name of the Operations Manager and/or Service Manager environments using file, options.


For my example I had both a Live and a pre-production environment so I specified them here.


Once these are saved, go to the load tab. And for this example I loaded Operations Manager.


Once these are loaded use the Compare tab and compare the versions. My example was comparing the live environment to the pre-production environment.


The results are shown below. Grey MP’s indicates that they do not existing in one management group and yellow MP’s indicates a version difference.


Summary: The management pack compare utility provides a quick way to assess variations in management packs and versions between Operations Manager and Service Manager environments. What would also be useful would be a report which compares these and/or a PowerShell script which could be run to list these differences. Anyone have a solution like that that they can recommend as well? If so post information on it here!

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