How to setup your blog on System Center Central on your iPad

One feature I know that many of you have wanted, including me, is to be able to blog from an iPad. Now, with the update of SCC this is now possible, and this post will show you how to do so!

1. Register on System Center Central, if you haven’t already done so.
2. Download BlogPress from the App Store on your iPad. The app isn’t free, but it is cheap and very worthwhile in my opinion.

3. Start BlogPress. You will receive a message that you need to setup at least one blog, OK this message.

4. Under Blog Service Provider, select WordPress.

5. Enter you username, password and blog URL. For blog URL you just need to enter

6. Click Save and you’re done!!

You can now start blogging straight away, or edit your preferences and then get started.

Enjoy blogging 🙂

This post sent using my iPad.

– David

2 thoughts on “How to setup your blog on System Center Central on your iPad

  1. David Allen Post author

    You can also use the free WordPress app to set up your blog on your iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone etc, just search for WordPress in the relevant store.  I just prefer BlogPress as it connects into other blogging platforms I use as well!


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