How to make IT analysts put a correct Incident classification category in #SCSM 2012

I’ve got a request from our customer who asked for a help with a SCSM console’s customization. He complained that IT analysts in Incident classification category sometimes set values that had sublevels. Most of time it happened by mistake but in the reports it caused ambiguity and miscounts.

It’s not a big trick but requires some knowledge in the Service Manager API and C#. The basic information about the manipulations with the SCSM console elements is available in the Internet. So I spent some time and let’s take a look at the result.

On the screenshot below, you see that ‘Network Problems’ has 4 sub-values.


If we select ‘Network Problems’, the form cannot be saved (OK button is disabled).


If we select any of sub-values (for instance ‘Wi-Fi’), the form is passing the check. It happens because ‘Wi-Fi’ is on the lowest level of the enumeration tree. Voilà, it’s what the customer wanted.


Read the rest and download the source files and management pack here.

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