How to add users to your #OMS subscription

This is a quick article explaining the steps required to add users to your existing OMS subscription.

To add users to your OMS subscription log on as your administrator account for OMS ( and go to the top right corner of the screen and left-click. Choose the first option listed (which will be name of your subscription).

On the settings tab you can manage your users:

From this screen you can add, edit or remove accounts using a Microsoft account or an Organization account.

Accounts can be added as a Microsoft account or an Organizational account.

Adding a user either with a Microsoft account requires the identity and the workspace role.

The two roles available are administrator and user:

  • an Administrator can view and act on alerts, as well as manage all users associated with this Microsoft Operations Management Suite workspace.”
  • A User can view and act on alerts related to this Microsoft Operations Management Suite workspace

Adding a user or group with an organization account requires the choice of user or group, organization identity and workspace role.

To search for groups choose the Group option and type in the first characters for the group name that you are looking for (as an example S for all groups starting with the letter S) and then click on the icon to the right side of the Organization Identity field. Search rules appear to be limited to 100 matching items.

NOTE: Searching does not appear to match the contents of a string – it matches on the first characters of the group name. As an example if you group contains the word “demo” and you search on “demo” it would not match unless your group name starts with demo (such as demonstration).

The example below shows the results after adding a new user (note the second line showing a new role of User).

Summary: User addition is pretty straightforward in OMS as long as you know to click on the top right corner of the main screen to open the general workspace settings for OMS.


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