How do I schedule automatic discovery and client installation for Operations Manager?

The best practice approach to this situation is to use Active Directory integration with Operations Manager, and to couple that with a software distribution mechanism (and/or including the OpsMgr agent in the images for new systems). Details on this process are available at:!3D3B8489FCAA9B51!1034.entry. Pete and Raphael wrote an article about AD Integration for large environment including some LDAP query tips which is available at: 

Powershell can be used to schedule discovery and installation as well (see for details on this).

Additionally there are multiple methods to deploy the Operations Manager agent which are discussed at:  (or in the Unleashed book on pages 385-403)

SystemCenterCentral has an article about a method that they have used to schedule OpsMgr Discovery and Agent Deployment without AD integration which is available at:

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