Grow your IT maturity through Business Service Intelligence

Despite the many new technologies brought to the datacenter in the past 10 years, the relative maturity of organizations’ IT operations has remained constant. The focus remains on fire-fighting and buying technologies to fix problems, rather than focus on strategic technology purchases that can drive innovation and be more competitive in the market:tech

Taking the Gartner IT Maturity model in a monitoring context, most organizations remain somewhere between levels 2-Committed & 3-Pro-active.  Using infrastructure and Application Performance monitoring, IT operations are becoming more Pro-Active. However, IT is still not a real business partner, as organizations struggle with siloed teams working with their own tools that remain disconnected from the technical Service Desk and the business. With increased pressure of the business for IT to deliver and demands on service delivery going up while budgets keep plummeting, being able to run a successful IT environment that adds value to the business becomes quite challenging.  In order to move to the next level and ideally achieve the highest maturity level, IT departments need to be able to see high volumes of their complex technical data in a business context.  You can read more about IT maturity on our previous blog posts “Have you defined your organization’s IT maturity” and “Judging your organization’s IT maturity“.

In order for organizations to become ITILv3 compliant, they need to employ a common framework of the IT Business Service: meaning less focus on individual IT components and applications, and more focus on the services and related business indicators to ensure that IT can add value, focusing on driving innovation in a modern DevOps environment. The key is to integrate and unify those siloes so that everyone starts from the same view of the Business Service, but can still deep-dive into their domain tools to perform root-cause analysis. For this, it is necessary to take a new approach and unify three distinct separate markets: IT Monitoring, IT Service Management, and Business Intelligence. This new segment is known as Business Service Intelligence (BSI).

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