Getting any #SCSM entity by Guid

One of our customers requested a tool to get any SCSM entity by Guid. I didn’t know such a tool and decided to create that one.

Firstly, I wanted to develop a Visual Studio solution but then turned to a PowerShell script as much easier customizable. Just after the beginning, I realized that I would hardly query each and every SCSM type but the most used by my team and me. If anyone needs to add more SCSM entity types, it is easy to accomplish slightly modifying my PS code. As usual, I relied on SMLets so it’s required to run the script.

The solution supports the following SCSM entity types:

  1. Class
  2. Class instance
  3. Enumerator
  4. Template
  5. Relationship Class
  6. Relationship Instance
  7. Management Pack
  8. Type Projection

The script has two parameters. The first one is Guid (mandatory) and the second is a server name (optional) for a remote connection.


Read the rest and download the solution here.

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