Which self-service portal is the right portal?

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    Shaun Collins

    I have been watching the TechEd 2014 sessions, and cannot help but notice there are many portal options. The SCSM Portal (the one I assume would be the default) is the only one I did not see mentioned at the conference. I saw WAP, Cireson and even SharePoint, but no message on the future of SCSM.

    In what direction is the roadmap pointing?

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    Greg Charman


    Microsoft were not providing a huge amount of detail on Service Manager futures except they were investing again in SCSM and there should be more news in the coming months.

    I am not sure there is a cohesive story on portals yet, the Cloud portals like WAP don’t interact with the on premises components natively as yet there is still work to do.

    If you are looking for a portal enhancement over the current out of the box portal an interesting announcement I saw was ‘The Suite for Microsoft System Center – Service Manager”

    Expit, GridPro, Provance, and Syliance have got together to offer their individual tools as a single suite you can buy which provides all the products at a single price.  As part of the suite:

    Syliance – provides the Self Service Portal
    Grid Pro – provides web based Analysts Console
    Expit – provides dashboarding
    Provance – provides IT & Software Asset Management

    Have a look at systemcentersolutionstore.com for more information.

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    The portal getting the most press recently is the Cireson portal, which is a company that also provides asset management and console add-ins to make the SCSM console more functional.

    For orgs that do not like the SCSM SSP, the Cireson portal I would say is the one I hear gaining the most adoption.

    However, I think you have the SCSM SSP, WAP, App Controller, then Cireson and other 3rd party SSPs. Definitely lots of options, but maybe not a clear “best” option.

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    Wilson W.

    The fact that there are so many vendors providing custom portal solutions for SCSM should tell Microsoft something about their product. I would hope that the SCSM developers are working on addressing their interface shortcomings in the next release. There really is no excuse for a lack of a web portal in an enterprise helpdesk solution.

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    I totally agree with you Wilson. It’s such a big gap!

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