Two SCCM Hierachies in same forest Desktops v Servers

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    Hi all, really hope someone can help with some information please.

    In our organisation we have complete separation between teams that manage the desktop estate and the server estate.

    The desktop team already have an SCCM current branch deployment which is integrated into  the AD forest and used to manage a large desktop estate and some of their own servers.

    For reasons I wont go into, we cannot picky back onto their deployment so we need to build our own separate SCCM current branch hierarchy. We would like to integrate it into the same AD forest but I am concerned about the impact this would have on the existing SCCM hierarchy such as overlapping boundaries.

    I will also want to publish to another none trusted forest but they have no presence in that forest so that should not be an issue.

    Is there any Microsoft or community guidance on this, I’m sure it must be a fairly common scenario in large organisations?

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