SQL Agent Jobs not being discovered in SCOM

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    I have a strange situation with one SQL server in SCOM 2012 R2 where the SQL agent jobs are not being discovered.  The following have been discovered successfully for this server in SCOM:

    SQL Server, SQL Databases, SQL Agent state.

    I have then enabled the object discovery for the SQL agent job for this one server but it does not appear in the SQL Agent job state view in SCOM.

    I have enabled object discovery for the SQL agent job for other servers which I can see successfully after a period of time.  It just seems to be this one server that can’t be found.

    The server is running Windows 2008 SP2 and SQL Server 2008 both of which are supported according to the MP guide.  I have also configured the server for a low privilege environment.  The server has been added to the relevant Run As account distribution list.

    There are no errors relating to agent jobs in the event logs of the SQL server in question.

    Anyone any ideas why this one server may not be discovering SQL Agent jobs in SCOM?

    Many thanks

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