SNMP “Network Devices” always just show up as their IP not a friendly name

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    We have a little temperature sensor I’m trying to add to SCOM to work with our environment.  I can discover it just fine, I have a monitor that works that alerts when the temperature is above a set point.  The problem is this device only shows up as its IP address in SCOM.  It has an snmp “friendly name” with its own oid to retrieve .

    How do I make SCOM report the device by whatever that returns, rather than a boring IP address.  This way alerts show up with the device name in the device ID, and so our product that does alerting that refers to the “source” that shows up on the alert and matches it to a team to send alerts to.  Is there a simple way to rename I’m not seeing?  is there a way to make some discovery MP that repoints the “source” name to an OID for any device with an identifying OID?

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    Hello Josh,

    How did you discover the network devices?

    Through IP or Name ? for many clients I have discovered them using IP and it always shows the IP even if the name is configured on the devices. Try discovering the devices based on the name and let me know if it works for you.


    Abdul Karim

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    The discovery wizard for network devices only accepts IP address range for discovery, it wont allow any name type discovery.

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    the device name is discovered as”MIB2 System Name,” but i don’t know how you would get this data into an alert or email. surely there’s a way.

    depending on how many devices you’re discovering, another option might be to set up dns records for your network devices – specifically, reverse dns records – before you discover them. the “names” of all my network devices appear as “” in the scom console, rather than their IP addresses.

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    i’m sorry i just need to know how can or what’s the steps for discovering snmp devices if i need to discover esx server.

    i’ve scom 2012

    esx v 4.1.0

    thanks for help

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    Change the Discovery Configuration Settings

    The configuration file for the discovery configuration settings is stored in the file discovery.conf in the folder C:\Program Files\System Center 2012\Operations Manager\Server\NetworkMonitoring\conf\discovery. In this file are several settings, all of which are described quite clearly. The important one for this example is the DisplayFormatName setting.

    Change it to “MIBIISYSNAME””

    If you change any of the settings in this file, you will need to restart the System Center Management service on the network discovery server for this to take effect. You will also need to rediscover the device.


    the following approach shows how a network interface (network adapter) is renamed, but you can apply teh same logic, assuming the proeprty is not a key property.
    Please take a look at this:

    SCOM 2012 Network Monitoring: Rename Network Adapter
    This is the corresponding MP:

    Network Monitoring Change Network Adapter Names


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