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    My organisation SCSM 2012 UR6, but the service manager is seriously slow. I was introduced to Cireson and Gripro web console. Please can anyone tell me which of them is better or if there is any other 3rd party solution that probably can be of help. we have 94 users of console.

    Thank you


    Wilson W.

    I implemented SCSM as a POC about 3 years ago and I was troubled by the slow console performance as well…especially when it came to displaying assets in the CDMB. I wound up creating different views to parse out stuff by asset class in order to improve performance. -Disappointed to hear that console performance is still an issue.

    Have you checked out the next version of SCSM2016? Tech Preview 5 is out. You might want to download it and see if they have made any performance improvements to the console. They will be releasing SCSM2016 around September….


    Hey there,

    in regards to which vendor offers better analyst portal you can decide on your own in a better way. Both vendors will gladly offer you evaluation versions, based on which you can take your decision. Just contact them and try the portals out. Still in my opinion you cannot replace the good old SCSM console in certain situations. So what can be done to optimize the performance. I would start by ensuring my management servers (where the SDK is running have) enough resources. Make sure you load balance your connections on all of your Management servers or use dedicated management servers for console connections. Your console performance is directly related the overall SCSM performance, so I would recommend you taking a look at the article Pete Zerger wrote a coupple of years ago:

    FAQ: A Collection of Tips to Improve System Center 2012 Service Manager Performance

    In addition to his tips you can refer also to:

    Service Manager Performance

    Wilson W. has also a point. SCSM 2016 will offer some very important performance optimizations, which could (and most probably will) play a key role also in your case. There are major performance improvements and you can read about them here:

    What’s New in Service Manager

    Section “Performance Improvements”

    Hope this helps. Regards,

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