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    Tony Stark

    My SSRS works, and I have several dozen reports sent to teams from the Generic Report Library, Server 2012 Availability etc etc.

    The HTML report will tell them the status of the server health, low disk space, latency etc just fine, but obviously the links will not work as I have not turned up a reporting profile for each team and these many support persons. I have no intentions to do this much labor.

    Currently they can see the raw data, graphs and use the console to mitigate the problems, see the next days report and so on.

    So on the lazy side of an environment of domain authenticated users, is there some global provisioning I can do so all support people can follow the links in the report instead of the Access Denied error message? I don’t care who in our organization can click on the links, just that all in our org can.





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    Sean P. Tompkins

    In the SCOM console, there’s a pre-defined user role called Report Operator – you could add “Everyone” or an equivalent group to that role. This would allow them to run any report and change any variables – if that’s a concern you can create a new role based on Report Operator and scope down the reports that they are allowed to access, and then just include the reports that are linked off of the reports you email out.

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    Tony Stark

    Thx, of course I know about the Reporting User Role. I had this worked out in our old PROD, and like I say, I have no intentions to do this again.

    IN that role you can add various users or SG, but you can not scope down as you suggest. What you can do is get that unique ID to add to SSRS.

    If I add a team to the Reporting User Role, it will populate a folder in their SCOM console called REPORTING and this is exactly what I DO NOT WANT to do. There’s no point in taunting them or making my life more difficult. All I want is the read only ability for them to see the link depths in the email reports, and that is the full extent of it.

    So asking again, is there a place I can add all the team SG to, in which each team will read the report links in the email without ACCESS DENIED?





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    Tony Stark


    By adding an individual to the SSRS Reports and not the SCOM Reporting User Role he is able to open the links in the reports. This resolves the :

    The permissions granted to user ‘INTERNET\BIGBOSS’ are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied)

    What I can’t do in SSRS is add any SG to Group or user name: > Browser, it flat won’t take them in the form of internet\user or by user@internet.domain formats.I even tried the CID etc.

    I see this problem everywhere online but no answers.


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    How about using PowerBI to have your most served data in an interactive web session. This can then be controlled at the PowerBI level for access and it is fully customisable.

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