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    I cannot push/install an agent on new Linux (RHEL) VMs.  As soon as I click on “Discover” of course after providing account info etc., the discovery console just sticks and the SCOM console stops responding. I have to kill console process to exit. Has anyone heard of any known/recent issues with deploying Linux agents using SCOM 2016 console recently?

    We also try to utilize a Powershell script to install Linux agents on new servers.  The script appears to hang at the “Invoke-SCXDiscovery … | Install-SCXAgent” line.

    This used to work!

    No errors in the OpsMgr event logs on any MS servers or SQL servers

    SCOM product version is: 7.2.11938.0 (System Center 2016, UR4)

    Current Linux MP versions: 7.6.1064.0; 7.6.1076.0

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    Found that the OperationsManager database db_owner was set to a former employee.  Application event log on SQL server was full of event id 28005.  Once I changed db_owner, things started working properly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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