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    I am running SCOM 2012 R2 and my ops DB is not Grooming. I ran the EXEC p_PartitioningAndGrooming as noted in Kevin’s blog but I receive the following error.

    “Error in p_PartitionObject”

    I also attached a screen shot when ran query.

    select * from partitiontables where IsCurrent = ‘1’

    Any ideas?

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    Kevin Holman

    That is messed up dude!  You have three event tables which are currently set to “1”.  You might have other issues, like a corrupt DB, or this just might be a symptom of a bigger issue.  I’d recommend opening a case with Microsoft on this.  It depends greatly if the number of current tables is a symptom of something bigger being broken, or if this is the root cause for why your partitioning and grooming is failing.  For instance, if you run partitioning and grooming sproc – does this just add another “iscurrent” table?

    If so, I’d recommend restoring from a known good backup.  This is, of course, assuming you have ample free space in the database (50%) and a properly sized transaction log (50%), and in a supported configuration otherwise.


    Mohamed Sybulla

    Hi Kevin,

    Similar above discussed issue is in our SCOM 2012 R2 environment also. We must open case with Microsoft to fix this issue or anything else we can perform before take it to Microsoft. Kindly assist.

    Manually grooming P_grooming is working fine and we are doing manual grooming to avoid opeartionsmanager database filling. But P_partitioning is not working it is throwing “Error in p_PartitionObject”.

    Note: We did not do any recent change in our environment. There is no error in event log also.



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