SCOM 2012 – can I use SCOM as a centralized script executer

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    Can I use SCOM for executing scripts WITHOUT setting alerts or thresholds?

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    Bjørn-Erik Løken


    The answer is yes I guess, but it depends. You can pretty much do what you want, look into making an agent task in SCOM. I use it for running small scripts, mostly SCOM related (custom fixes etc). If you want to do some more advance scheduling go for SCCM.

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    Michiel Wouters

    SCOM can do it, but it’s not design as a batch or scheduling system. You can also use SCCM or Orchestrator for this. There are products on the market that are specifically designed for scheduling.

    In fact, you don’t even need an application for central execution as the native Task Scheduler in Windows also does the job.

    So as Bjorn-Erik says, it depends on what you want to do, and then figure out what suits best.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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