SCOM 2012: A 2 State Powershell Monitor that pings an array of computers

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    Hello, an odd request here. Trying to put together a 2 state PS monitor where we have an array of computers that will be piped to Test-connection comandlet within a PS script. If server name is not pingable, adds that to a property bag and we can then play with the Alert text to gereate a meaningful alert.

    The code is below, but somehow I think I am missing something elementary. Another hundred pair of eyes or so won’t hurt so thought of asking for a checkup here:


    Import-Module OperationsManager

    $API = new-object -comObject “MOM.ScriptAPI”

    $bag = $api.CreatePropertyBag()

    $MyArray = @(“server1″,”Server2”)

    $testConnection = test-Connection -computername $MyArray -count 2 -Quiet

    if ($testConnection.Time -ge 30)

    foreach ($Computername in $testConnection)
    {$ServerList= $ServerList + “n” + $($}
    $bag.AddValue(“Server Unreachable”,”$serverList”) #add the list of server to the bag as one property



    Your help will be appreciated.

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    Michiel Wouters

    The elementary thing your missing here, is that you should not use these type of workloads on workflows like this.

    A 2-state-monitor is designed to indicate an operational status of one managed entity. In this case you would target this monitor to a class which functions as a sort of polling/ping/watcher machine. Then still using a monitor is not really the way to go (monitor state changes over and over). You’d better use a rule to launch the script.

    The script itself does not work properly. First create a version using the SCOM ScriptApi to see if it does what you want.

    The code which you show here, does not work:

    • When using -Quiet in Test-Connection, the result is a boolean type
    • When omitting -Quiet, the result is a ping item, on which the property ‘Time’ you use, does not exist.
    • You can’t add the same property to a propertybag (‘State’)

    If you want to know the results of you pinged computers, you should not use -Quiet, and then enumerate the results to see what is the ResultCode or ResponseTime.



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    Scott Moss

    Try using the PING mp, it will be much better in the long run.

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    Thank you so much guys for your help.  This helped me scarp the path I was intending to take.

    Michiel Wouters,  Thank you for the insight. You are spot on for the Boolian type return and time.

    Scott Moss Ping MP was another option I am gonna try, thanks for the advice .

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