SCCM Clients are not Installing Downloaded Updates

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    I hope someone can help with this….

    Why would a client sit in the state of Downloaded update(s) without actually installing the updates and becoming compliant?

    I look after about 600 PCs and there are now over 400 PCs sitting in Downloaded Update(s) without installing for nearly a week. The PCs have an 18 hour maintenance window.

    I have checked over the logs and can’t see too much of interest there.

    Thanks in advance

    See image


    Tom Ziegler



    I assume you have multiple Distribution points? are the software update deployment packages on that DP? also look at the wuahandler.log file on one of the systems in question and if you could post that log here.

    With the ones that are installing the updates, are there other pc’s at the same dp that are unable to grab their updates?






    Hi Tom

    Just to clarify the clients were grabbing the updates but not installing them. It was like there was no window for them to install the updates, but there is a 18 hour window configured.

    No only have the one Distribution point but it is something I am looking at. I have ticked the check-box “Ignore maintenance windows and install immediately at deadline.” This had the desired effect and now the PCs are updating.







    If I may ask please what report did you run to get the image attached, I am pushing loads of updates, downloaded ad specified in cache folder, but not install. Please let me know what report you actually run to the details in the image attached





    We have around 25,000 systems. out of them 2500 are showing download in progress but nothing is happened for 14 days. WUA handler was showing scan done. Further it’s not downloading.

    I checked following things.

    1. All DP package properly replicated to DP
    2. SCCM_DP$ in IIS , The authentication enabled as anonymous
    3. Catalog version is same in all heiararchy sites.

    Note : we are having 3 domains out of them one domain we are facing this download in progress issue. The percentage of complaint is 78% and in progress was showing between 10 to 12% for July , aug , sept , oct and nov patches.

    Request you to help me on this.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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