RSA seeks to close the "gap of inconvenience" with new Business-Driven Security

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    This architecture, along with several solution offerings, enables customers of all sizes to take control of their position with respect to risk more quickly and effectively. RSA Business-Driven Security solutions, also announced February 15, are designed for what the company describes as a proactive approach to security, with the incorporation of new capabilities in rapid response and threat detection, access security and identity, customer protection against fraud and enterprise risk management.

    Despite spending $ 75 billion in cyber security in 2016, organizations still find it difficult to link the business context with security details with the speed needed to make critical decisions. Leaders in security and business are going through a “gaps in inconvenience,” the inability to fully understand the extent to which security incidents translate into quantifiable business risk.

    “Despite striving to the fullest, today’s security approaches desperately need a transformation, because they are not enough when put into action. This leads organizations to a downward cycle of investment and reinvestment, “said Rohit Ghai, President, RSA. “RSA is proud to provide a new architecture and array of Business-Driven Security solutions that are designed to be able to use the most fundamental elements of a sensible security strategy: connecting business context with security incidents to manage and troubleshoot most strategic way business risk to protect the most important. ”

    The Business-Driven Security architecture and announcements of RSA Training Online solutions help bridge the gap of inconvenience and deliver significant benefits, including dramatically improving the impact of security equipment; the redesign of identity strategies to accelerate business in a borderless world and the provision of web and mobile protection for consumers at the speed of fraud with an ability to know faster which are the most important risks.

    RSA NetWitness®

    The new capabilities of the RSA NetWitness® suite of applications are designed to provide essential visibility and information about which you can act to detect advanced threats faster, connect points between the network, endpoint and logged data and fully understand the scope of the incident. New capabilities include data collection from the public cloud (Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure® public cloud computing platform) and virtual environments (VMWare® virtual solutions and Gigamon® platform) along with all physical infrastructure. The suite of applications is designed to enable organizations to monitor modern infrastructure with flexibility and ease of implementation.

    As an illustration of RSA’s NetWitness capabilities, the suite of applications was used to identify malware that was used in a couple of new attacks – Kingslayer and Schoolbell – and provided ready-to-use content to detect behaviors associated with groups that experts suspect were behind the attacks. RSA Research recently published the findings of Kingslayer and Schoolbell.

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