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    I have migrated AD management Pack from my SCOM acceptance environment to my production environment, as a result my Domain Controllers we’re removed from the acceptance management group.

    The DC’s after being moved to another Management Group, and being deleted from  Administration, Agent Managed view, would still show up with status unknown.

    After searching on google found a solution which directly deletes the objects from the Operations DB. The following query:

    UPDATE dbo.[BasemanagedEntity] SET IsDeleted = 1 where FullName Like ‘%Windows.Computer%’ and Name Like ‘’

    The objects we’re deleted and we’re no longer visible in the unknown computers view.  Today I opened my SCOM console, and the objects we’re back under the unknown computers view.

    Does anybody know what’s happening here? I thought the objects would be permanently deleted?

    Hope you can help.




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    Tony Stark


    Under Administration > Security – if you have selected “Review new manual agent installation in pending …” the DCs are going to show up automagically due to their being a DC role. This also holds true for SCCM Distribution Points.

    This will happen even for a new DC that has never had MMA installed etc. If you assign them an agent to a different management group, then they will show up in THAT MG and not the one you mention.

    Also be very careful with that SQL delete script! You fat finger that one and you’ll delete every server in your environment. I rewrote it with safety verification and named it “DELETE SERVERS WITH VERIFICATION”.

    This way you can verify the results before you commit to it.

    In SQL I CTRL-O and open this as a .sql file.



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    Scott Moss

    Nice Script Tony, and a great on point answer.


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    Hi Tony,

    Just checking, does your anwser mean that the DC’s can never be removed from my console?

    Thanks again.



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