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    Martyn Hancox

    Hi All

    Have a DPM 2012 server which we are slowly moving all the protected servers off onto a new DPM 2012 r2 server. The old one server has x13 1TB disks assigned to it giving 13TB in total. After we have clear a load of old backup off it we have 6.5Tb unallocated space. We are trying to find a script to reorganise the DPM backups so we can remove some of the disks as DPM spreads all the backups across the storage.

    Reading on the web we have come across the “MigrateDataSourceDatafromDPM.ps1” script but this doesn’t work as when we try to free up a disk we get errors. We have also tried the utility by Michael Seidl but again only half works.

    Wondering if anyone knows of a way we can reorganise the backups so we can reclaim some of the disks back.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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