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    Thanks for any help on this. 
    I am foggy on alerts, monitors and overrides.

    During the nightly backup, two servers generate alerts due to PRO CPU utilization is too high. The two servers are virtual and I receive about 40 emails between the two of them. I only get these alerts while they are being backed up. My first instinct is to set an override because I suspect that high CPU during backup isn’t a serious problem. During my searching about this, I read the opposite; that the problem needs to be addressed. Should I be trying to fix this or can I set an override; maybe set the high CPU event to informational and not warning or critical.   If you think an override is OK, can you point me to a document that explains creating overrides clearly? Thank you!

    Alert: PRO CPU Utilization
    Source: servera
    Path: servera
    Last modified by: System
    Last modified time: 5/25/2012 5:00:54 AM
    Alert description: CPU utilization in the virtual machine has reached critical levels. The threshold monitor for this virtual machine has detected that the average of %Processor Time has been exceeded.

    Notification subscription ID generating this message: {C93CB1E6-8462-5596-ED39-961417F437AE}

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