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    Kristof Janssens

    Because the complex environment (Development, Test, Hotfix, Education, Production)
    I’m wondering if it is possible to split up our future SCOM2016 environment.

    For example, TEST_SCOM2016 with our Dev and Test. A PROD_SCOM can have
    Hotfix, Education and Production. But because even TEST_SCOM2016 alerts are
    important, I must have some way to pass them through.
    Is it possible to work with MOM, manager of managers?
    A design could be like this (view attachment).

    Opinions, ideas, PROS/CONS are welcome!

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    Hi Kristof,

    You want three separate SCOM 2016 environments, but one of them should show alerts from all three?

    If that is the case you can look at the connected management group feature.


    Kristof Janssens

    Yes and no 🙂

    However have 2 environments that actively do monitoring.

    the one on top (3rd) would be some kind of management server where only the alerts are passed through on. these alerts are from the 2 monitored environments.

    I’ve already taken a look at connected management groups however the pass all trough.

    Another nice thing would be if a passed through alert is solved the can right click resolve/close alert and it passes that through the original management group.


    Wilson W.

    How are you sending alerts out? Through SCOM email alert subscriptions? Why would you need an empty top-level management group in order to send out alerts? You can send out alerts from each management group. Why do you need to pass alerts from one management group to another?

    SCOM can certainly be used as a “manager-of-managers”, but it’s probably not the ideal tool to do this. There are many other products on the market that are better suited for this and provide a more extensible framework for integrating alerts from other monitoring tools. You have your classic enterprise tool like Netcool and then there are SAAS solutions such as MOOGsoft and BigPanda.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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