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    how is scom 2012 (r2 ur6) network monitoring discovery supposed to detect changes to the “interface alias” column– which is actually called the “description” on the cisco device interface configuration?

    i have some switch ports that had their descriptions changed and/or removed over  a year ago, but the ‘interface alias’ in scom is still the former name. I’ve had intermittent luck manually running “rediscover device” from the admin pane after making changes on the devices. on one router, I changed a description of one interface, and removed a description of another interface. a “rediscover device” detected the new description, but not the removed description. on another router, and a switch, scom doesn’t notice any changes I’ve made when I ‘rediscover device.’


    Gert Kienhuis

    The discovery process is responsible for changing the target properties, the discovery can be started by a schedule (property of the discovery rule), by hand or if supported by the device and enabled by a configuration change SNMP trap.

    The issue you describe about aliasses not updating is something I have seen in to seperate environments. At this moment we have two support cases open by Microsoft investing the problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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