Monitoring NetApp Shares with SCOM 2012 R2

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    We have a NetApp Data OnTap system and I have installed the NetApp OnCommand Data OnTap MP v4.1.1.

    Our NetApp is not clustered but I can see all aspects of Data OnTap within SCOM (LUNs, QTrees, vFilers, Volumes etc).

    What we would like to do is be able to monitor the shares that run from the NetApp but these aren’t listed anywhere in SCOM.  Looking under the Clustered Data OnTap folder structure in SCOM there is a section for SMB shares but we are not clustered and these folders don’t appear under just Data OnTap folder structure.

    The MP guide only covers clustered systems and so shares are mentioned but nothing about none clustered systems.

    Does anyone have experience of monitoring Data OnTap systems within SCOM and especially have any idea how we can monitor the file shares?

    I have attached screen shots of the Data OnTap SCOM folder structure and Clustered Data OnTap folder structure in case this helps.

    Many thanks



    Does anyone know


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