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    I am very new to SCOM and i have managed to get my servers to alert when they are offline (which sends a new alert status), and also when they are back online (which sends a closed alert status).

    We have some VIP windows 8.1 computers that we need to monitor but I cannot get the alerts to work. The SCOM agent has been installed on the computer but when I turn it off I get no alert in SCOM. The status of the computer does change to grey when viewing it via SCOM monitoring/Windows Computers view, whilst it is greyed out – it also states that it is healthy.

    Any ideas?




    found in the MP guide:

    “The management pack does not raise alerts for minor degradations in the health of individual computers. To examine the health of individual computers, use the computer’s health explorer.
    The reports use aggregations in the reporting server to optimize the reports rendering. For descriptions of the reports contained in this management pack, see Appendix: Reports.
    In the Windows 8 management pack, the items in the following list are disabled by default. You can enable the items for an individual Windows 8 computer by adding the computer to All Business Critical Windows 8 Client group.
    • Performance data collection
    • Event collection
    • Alerts generated by rules
    • Alerts generated by monitors”

    This means to me that Computer Unavailable alerts won’t be triggered unless you add the computer object to the respective group. This will explain the behaviour.
    Please test it and post back, will appreciate your feedback.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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