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    When we create a new group, we add the computer object and the Health Service Watcher. In the Monitoring views, we create a New > State View > Server . .  the select the Windows Server class etc and point to the Group.

    The servers are then listed in the View and the users can select one or more to place in to Maintenance Mode for reboots, patching etc. When doing so, they still get an email notification from the “Microsoft.SystemCenter.AgentWatchersGroup” = Alert: Failed to Connect to Computer etc.

    I can’t see any way to add the Health Service Watcher to the view as a single secondary item. I could create a new view and call it Maint Mode targeting the Health Service with the servers in it, and they could put the server in MM in both views, but this seems like that long way of doing things.

    If we want to configure all groups and all subscriptions to NOT get the email notifications that a server is down once placed in MM, what are the best options to accomplish this globally?

    Thanks in advance!



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