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    Hello! Has anyone installed the File System Management Pack and successfully monitored some file shares?

    We have installed the File System Management Pack with a plan to monitor some file shares we have been having intermittent problems with.

    The servers that the shares live on are roles in a Windows cluster and are spread over 3 nodes in the cluster (Basic config below):

    • Cluster
      • Cluster Node 1
        • Cluster Role\Share
      • Cluster Node 2
        • Cluster Role\Share
      • Cluster Node 3
        • Cluster Role\Share

    I have enabled File Share Discovery for the Cluster, cluster node and Cluster role and then enabled File Share Availability monitoring for several shares as a test.  All of the shares I have monitored whether via the Cluster, Node or Role after an initial success all have a File Share Availability warning against them even though the share is available and working.

    In this state the monitors are useless as we need to be alerted if the share suddenly becomes unavailable but at the moment the monitors are in constant alert.  I’ve attached an example screen shot.


    Many thanks in advance



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