Error (2901) When Converting VMware VM to Hyper-V in VMM 2012 R2 ??????

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    I have a couple of ESXi 5.5 hosts and a vCenter 5.5 server. I have added the vCenter server to my VMM 2012 R2 successfully. It is listed in the ‘Fabric’ section with a green checkmark and ‘Responding’. I have a couple of Hyper-V 2012 R2 hosts added as well. I am trying to convert VM’s from my VMware hosts to my Hyper-V hosts. The Conversion jobs fail in VMM with Error Code 2901. When I go into the details of the job, it shows an error at step 1.5 ‘Convert VMDK to virtual hard disk’ Failed. Step 1.5.1 shows an error ‘Deploy file (using HTTP) Failed. My VM’s on the VMware servers have 2 hard drives. When I check on the Hyper-V host the ‘D:’ is created fine. I can mount the VHD and see the data. The ‘C:’ drive is there also, but is corrupt. I cannot mount it. Also, in step 1.4. of the conversion job in VMM. It shows ‘Convert VMDK to virtual hard disk’ Completed. Step 1.4.1 shows ‘Deploy file (using LAN)’ ‘Completed’. Anyone run into this before? Any ideas on how to correct it?

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