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    I’m trying to get all my Monthly and Yearly backups on one (LTO6) tape retrospectively as there should be enough capacity:

    LTO6 – 2.5TB native capacity and up to 6.25TB compressed per tape.

    Does DPM or the Tape Drive Compress?

    Firstly to ensure I’ve understood how co location works please can you tell me if the following is true regarding DPM 2012 new Co-Location Options:

    1. You can no longer enable Co-Location via Powershell?
    2. If all Protection Groups have the same Long Term protection, they should get as much information on one tape?
    3. To enable option 2, I should create 1 Co-located Protection Group set and include all Protection Groups are a member and also ensure “Don’t allow Backups of different retention periods to col-locate on same tape”?
    4. In the Advance Tape CoLocation options, I have a write period of 1 day and expiry tolerance of 30 days.  I don’t really understand this concept – I want to be able to write when required – any further information on this would be much appreciated.

    DPM 2012 R2 – 4.2.1237.0

    DPM 2012 running in Hyper-V

    Using Starwind Virtual SAN Software to connect the Autoloader/tapedrive.

    Thanks in advance.



    When I modify the protection groups  and go to  “Tape Options for Long Term protection” Step it give us three options:

    1. Compress Data
    2. Encrypt Data (currently selected)
    3. Do not compress or encrypt

    DPM does not support compression if you choose to encrypt data in a protection group!

    Even if I have encryption turned on, I should at least get more than 1 protection groups on one LTO6 tape? Currently each protection group is getting added to different tapes.  I’ve verified the tape library is compatible by using the DPM Tape Library Compatibility Test Tool and run all the test successfully.

    Any ideas?





    I run the DPM

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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