Converting from vmware to hyperv cluster

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    I have a new install of VMM 2012 sp1 connected to a 2 host hyperv cluster running 2012 R2 and to a vsphere cluster of vcenter 5.1 with a 2 host 5.1 cluster and a 3 host 4.1 cluster.


    I have followed the documentation on converting a vmware guest to hyperv.  I am trying to convert one 2008 server with vmware tools removed and powered off.   I choose my vm to convert and then choose one of the hyperv machines.  It does not show the hyperv as a cluster to choose but the two hyperv hosts are listed separately.  On the select host section of the convert i get an error that there is not enough disk space.  There is about a TB of free space in shared storage on the hyperv cluster, but VMM does not seem to see that storage space.  I am  unsure what I need to do so that VMM is aware of that storage location.  Any pointers?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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