Comparison of standard logging, audit trail and debug logging in SCOrch?

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    Bad Kitty

    Hey guys, does anyone have a good comparison of standard logging, debug logging and audit trail? Paths and such seem to have changed.


    Pete Zerger

    You have 3 types 
    1) the Audit Trail – Some orgs use this for tracking who runs which runbooks and when. This is enabled from the command line on the management server.
    2) Activity Level Logging (which is what I use most often), which shows you where runbooks fail and some details of output. This is enabled in the properties of the runbook in the Runbook Designer interface
    3) Debug logging, which is enabled in the registry. This provides verbose output of runbook activity at an activity level, if you set the verbosity high enough (1 default, 7 max). 

    Which are you thinking about?


    Bad Kitty

    Hey Pete, I was thinking about turning on debug logging because I am not getting enough detail about the failures in my Run .Net Script object.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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