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    Appian focuses its efforts across government and commercial industry sectors, including retail, manufacturing, financial services, service providers, healthcare, and energy.

    Appian’s BPM technology offering comprises two core products – Appian Training  and Appian Anywhere (which is a hosted, but feature-equivalent, version of Appian 6, launched in 2007).

    The technology products are unusual in the broad range of capabilities that they pull together and integrate strongly – combining process management, portal, real-time analytics, content management, document management, and collaboration facilities – on one common platform, with a consistent set of completely web-based design, development and administration tools.

    It has found a way to expose a great many of the technical capabilities implemented in the platform (including in its content management, document management, collaboration tools and so on) directly to process designers, making it possible for non-specialists to quickly define and deploy process applications that exhibit very sophisticated and dynamic behaviour. The result of all this innovation is an offering that provides strong or very strong support across all of our six process scenarios.

    Simulation is the one area where Appian?s offerings do deliver less than the technologies of its closest competitors (support for discovery and analysis isn?t particularly strong, but that?s not uncommon in today?s vendor offerings as this is a relatively new area of exploration and exploitation). In v6.0.2 Appian also significantly improves its ability in the process discovery and requirements area, too – as well as weaving social team-working capabilities into the design environment to help teams further speed development and strengthen change management.

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