Any announcement of MS Azure support for WAP portal?

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    I have heard Microsoft presenters say this functionality is coming. Has there been any annoucnement yet?


    Greg Charman

    Hi Tom,

    I sat in on Microsoft’s Orchestrator, SMA, Azure Automation roadmap session by Eamon O’Reilly at TechEd Europe and he said Orchestrator is their tool for on premises traditional data centers, Azure Automation is the cloud product.

    All their focus is on Azure Automation and moving this product forward.  Once Azure Automation is where they want to get it they will look at how to move that on premise.

    SMA wasn’t mentioned in any detail.

    If you want to use the WAP front end to provision Azure VMs right now we have a System Center IP for Orchestrator which now allows us to tie in to SMA to trigger SMA Runbooks, get status of SMA Runbooks etc.

    Using this IP it is now possible for SMA to trigger Orchestrator and pass over say Azure VM request details and then Orchestrator can provision the Azure VM(s) using its IP and then we can pass the data back to SMA by triggering an SMA Runbook.  Effectively use the WAP portal as a gateway into Orchestrator.  If your interested check out

    The IPs free too!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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