after changing Data Warehouse Action Account data is no longer stored in the Data Warehouse

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    We’re seeing some odd behavior on our SCOM 2007 R2 environment, after we changed the “Data Warehouse Action Account”.  We changed it because we want to use two different accounts and rotate them to solve password expiration issues.

    After changing the account we are seeing this error on all the management servers:

    Failed to store data in the Data Warehouse. The operation will be retried.

    Exception ‘SqlException’: Management Group with id ‘D04BA7C4-B9AF-E8AD-D338-7671BC79321A’ is not allowed to access Data Warehouse under login ‘Domain\NewAccount’

    One or more workflows were affected by this. 

    Workflow name: Microsoft.SystemCenter.DataWarehouse.CollectPerformanceData

    Instance name:

    Instance ID: {5D1C7DD1-C924-2286-7113-642E9D5D4B5A}

    Management group: MGMGRP

    And we’re also getting errors from health agents that they are reaching thresholds in the queued performance data and the MS are generating these alerts: “Performance data collection process unable to store data in the Data Warehouse in a timely manner”.

    I did find one posting that suggested that the writerloginname in the management group table on the DW needs to match the  “Data Warehouse Action Account”. Is this correct? And if so, what is the correct way of fixing this?



    Hi, I have similar issues in the past, My advise would be

    1: Try adding your Data Warehouse Reader account to the SCOM Administrators Group

    2: I also wrote a document on how I solved my issues, I posted it here, let me find it and I will reply to this post again




    Here is the link to the document I wrote, it may be of assistance to you, download and read

    I hope if helps you out




    Update WriterLoginName of the table ‘vManagementGroup’ to the new Action account works for me, and all the errors recovered.



    where do I find this “vmanagementgroup” table?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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