Fixing the JavaScript error when registering the Advisor Service

In a recent environment where we were configuring Advisor within Operations Manager we received errors that the “Microsoft account requires JavaScript to sign in. This web browser either does not support JavaScript, or scripts are being blocked.”

To debug this, we verified that a similar error also occurred when browsing to the Advisor site ( from Internet Explorer on the Operations Manager server after choosing the option to Sign In shown below:

The errors which appeared in the Operations Manager console varied depending on whether you chose the Microsoft account option, or the Organizational account option.

Microsoft account error in the OM console:

Organizational account error in the OM console:


The following three changes were required (Internet Options, Custom Level, Security) changes were required on the server running the Operations Manager console to allow this to work correctly in the environment:

Set Scripting to Enable
setting 01

Set Scripting of Java applets to enable

Setting 02

And set Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins to Enable

setting 03

After making these changes, the Advisor Onboarding wizard was able to authenticate correctly.


Good additional reading:

Related but not the fix at:


Thank you to Greg Tate and Martin Bauer for their tracking down what security settings were blocking this and thank you to Daniele for your pointing me the right direction to debug and get this fixed!

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