How to fix “Failed to Access Event log”

I have a few servers in scom reporting that the windows event log can not access a particular Event log but the event log is not for this particular Server.

Its for something else or for some other server.
How do i stop this alert from popping up?

I know this needs an override so can someone assist me in guiding me how to do this without actually stopping Event Log monitoring for the main server?



2 thoughts on “How to fix “Failed to Access Event log”

  1. CrazyChrist

    I create event log (fake) through PowerShell, works 90% of the time


    New-EventLog -Source “DhcpAdminEvents” -LogName “DhcpAdminEvents” -MessageResourceFile “C:\Temp\DhcpAdminEvents.dll”
    New-EventLog -Source “Microsoft ATA” -LogName “Microsoft ATA” -MessageResourceFile “C:\Temp\Microsoft ATA.dll”




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