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A short while ago i implemented SquaredUp – a dashboard solution for OpsMgr in the company i work for. A few days ago, they released a new version (2.1) which includes a new Visio plugin. In short, this plugin allows you to add Monitored Objects to your Visio diagram, and show it’s health state the way you like it.

In this short write up i will show you how i created one of our wall monitors. But the first thing you need is SquaredUp installed (download and test :).

In MS Visio, start out with a basic diagram, or one of your existing ones. This is my start.


Next, you will have to add data to your shapes. SquaredUp relies on Object ID from OpsMgr. You can find this, either through Powershell or maybe it is easier to navigate to the object in Squared Up, since thats where you already are. Label: ScomID, value: <yourscomid>
Repeat this for all your objects you want to display.
(PS: if you have all your objects in a group, you can export group members from SquaredUp, and import to visio)


After all this is done. Export your Visio drawing in to .SVG. Now you create a new dashboard in SU with a Visio section. You can choose to color replace, or add an icon (which you also could with image plugin)
suvisio suvisiocolor


After all is done. This is how our dashboard look like. Exchange all green



The possibilities are “endless” this is how our wall monitor look like. The green shade represent the overall group state.




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