Extending Windows Azure Pack to Support VMware with V Connect

Connect is a custom extension from Cloud Assert for Windows Azure Pack .V Connect enables adding VMWare Hypervisor servers to the WAP Admin portal and to monitor the virtual machines.

Feature Support

The initial V Connect beta supports basic operations such as:

  • Adding a VSphere endpoint of a VMWare hypervisor server
  • Lists the Virtual Machines from all the added servers
  • Basic operations such as:
    • Power ON, OFF, Suspend and Reset VM
    • Connect to the VM via Remote Desktop (VMWare tools has to be installed on the VM)
    • Take a screenshot of the Virtual Machine screen
    • ShutDown, Standby and Reboot of Guest OS (VMWare tools has to be installed on the VM)

Recorded Demo

A 9 minute video demo is available on Youtube (click the image below).



Try the Beta

Request a copy of the beta release at http://www.cloudassert.com/Solutions/V-Connect

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