Export OpsMgr 2012 overrides to HTML, CSV and XML

*I made a small change to the script which now accepts parameters rather than editing the script it self. It was a quick fix to fulfill another task. you can download the new verison here: Export-Overrides

Originally, this script was published by Daniele Muscetta and Pete Zerger. I adopted Dieter Wijckmans version to fit our needs.

Basicly we all need to find our way to document how our OpsMgr environment is configured. We all have our ways (some not) and we first started out using exporting our MP’s to excel with MPViewer where we manually added colours to rules that where disabled. That worked good for us, and we still use this method when we import management packs the first time, but maintaining these documents can be tough. For some time i have exported all unsealed management packs used for overrides to .csv files, and used those to track changes. Today i was asked if i could make them easier to read. Therefor i took the script we have been using (credits in top post) and modified it to include XML, CSV and HTML exports. With the HTML we are able to easily read the overrides, we can use CSV to edit in excel and XML export (you all know this) can be imported back to OpsMgr in case you need it.

In order to get this script running. You have to set your export path, enable or disable export types and define a suffix for your overrides management pack. All this is done in the “configuration area”


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