Error (2912) When You Try to Update VMM Agent on Hosts

Recently I’ve stumbled on the following error when trying to update VMM agent on hosts:

Error (2912)
An internal error has occurred trying to contact the server: NO_PARAM: NO_PARAM.

WinRM: URL: [], Verb: [INVOKE], Method: [GetError], Resource: [{9D5C4B47-E79E-4090-BC3B-552578D0EC8C}]

Unknown error (0x80072f0d)

Recommended Action
Check that WS-Management service is installed and running on server For more information use the command “winrm helpmsg hresult”. If is a host/library/update server or a PXE server role then ensure that VMM agent is installed and running. Refer to for more details.


At some point I’ve found workaround for this issue. Here it is:

1. Install DHCP extension manually on every host. Usually the location is located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012 R2\Virtual Machine Manager\SwExtn on the VMM server. Depends on where your VMM is installed.

2. Initiate Update Agent task from VMM console on every host. This time the task should finish successful.


I was too lazy to find proper resolution but the workaround should be sufficient enough if you occur this issue. Hope this was helpful.

2 thoughts on “Error (2912) When You Try to Update VMM Agent on Hosts

  1. David

    We had this issue twice on our hyper-v hosts.  Through some digging around it ended up being a certificate mismatch which broke the communication.  Bits uses certs to communication between agents.  We also changed the default port (443) that bits uses to something more obscure.

  2. Stanislav Zhelyazkov Post author

    Yes certificates could be the problem with the same error but they are more easily fixed and a lot of threads on that. Also when you have certificate problem you will not be able to do VM deployment most likely.

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