End User Portal for System Center Orchestrator (EUPSCO)

Hello All,

I wanted to share this article/post services that I have started writing about ITQ’s End User Portal for Orchestrator. It seems useful for organizations that may not have/want to use Service Manager and it’s portal.

Please note that, as of this mention, the series is not yet complete (but will be within a few weeks).

URL: http://adinermie.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/itqs-end-user-portal-for-system-center-orchestrator-eupsco-part-1-introduction/

PS: Feedback / topic requests are welcome.

2 thoughts on “End User Portal for System Center Orchestrator (EUPSCO)

  1. curtmcgirt

    any roadbumps you’ve come across? I’ve got this installed, but the user forum on eupsco.com is…patchy. I can log in as admin and create services, but end users just get spinning sections when they try to start a request.

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