End-user Monitoring – The Next Level in Predictive Analysis

A Business Service Management (BSM) perspective dictates that organizations should learn to align their business objectives with the IT department. This will help businesses with predictive analysis and gain a customer-centric approach, which can help them stay competitive. Similarly, ITOA (IT Operations Analytics), though in its early stages is aiming to become the standard in maintaining performance, compliance and security throughout organizations of all sizes. In turn, one of the things that ITOA-abiding companies have their eyes set on now is end-user monitoring as a means to collect valuable data from individual devices, analyse it and turn it into added benefits and better services for the customers.

Sadly, with legacy monitoring platforms, collecting end-user data is quite hard, which makes some companies use more than one platform in their daily IT operations. In turn, it is to be expected that the usage of multiple platforms slows down all processes, starting with data collection and analysis.

End-user monitoring: a key element in predictive analysis

Proficient end-user monitoring is a key element in predictive analysis. Gone are the days when companies only acted after a problem was signaled by an end-user. Nowadays, in order to avoid putting a damper on company efficiency, predictive analysis is meant to pro-actively signal issues and provide means to fix them before they interfere with the business processes. In Gartner’s words, in order to be efficient, a  modern ITOA-abiding company needs a predictive analysis system that is very rapid (measurements are done in hours rather than days) and one that places “emphasis on the business relevance of the resulting insights (no ivory tower analyses)”. This does not go to say that predictive analysis cannot be done without end-user monitoring; many companies have done it successfully. However, trends are evolving and new standards are set every day. End-user monitoring is definitely something that will become mainstream in 2016.

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