SCCM Roles Wizard

by Jason Scheffelmaer

The SCCM Roles Wizard is a Bare Metal solution to the SCCM Image Deployment Process. It is used in conjunction with SCCM and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) to deliver a front-end solution tonon-managed Bare Metal systems.  By querying the MDT database for Roles and delivering them to the front-end wizard the technician deploying the image has the ability to choose predefined Roles directly from the database that can change or apply how the build isapplied. This includes things such as which domain or OU structure tojoin, what post applications to install, or even homepage or Productkeys to use.

This addresses the problem that even though SCCM/MDT supported a roles based build delivery it had no way of you choosing which role you wanted to apply during the deployment.  Any roles and settings that you wanted to apply to the build had to be done up front before the Bare Metal system actually was deployed. This was not feasible in many companies processes to be able to choose and apply these roles and settings on a per machine basis up front. This is a front-end to do just that, it also has a wizard for naming the computer.