Logical Disk Free Space Report80848

First off let me start of by saying that I did not write this report, only asisted in updating it to get some of my requirements out of it.

I really like this report and have seen it used in mulitple management packs. I believe was origionally released in the Management pack SystemCenter.Board.mp by  Ziemek Borowski
I also found it in the logical disk extension mp by David Allen

What was updated or changed with this report:
Query modified:
– so it runs quicker (logic is still the same, just optomized it in my environments)
– counters expanded to include Unix Logical Disks for Cross Platform Support (Tested with Red Hat, still need to test Solaris but should work with any Unix system)
– Group Selection expanded and working to include all groups including custom created groups
– Query pulls latest data in the data warehouse (not yesterdays data)
– Computer name displays entire name to show distinctions between domains and allows for DMZ workgroup computers (previously they showed up as an error, because of the way the string was cut down).
– Report was reformatted and Filtering now works

Things that probably still should be done
– Correct the way Size is calculated. It calculates size from free Gb and % Free, and variables are held as an int. Hence when free space is 0 you get infinity. (could either change variable type, or see if counter exists in DB, I was looking for it but gave up on finding it)
I have never seen this condition except when testing, my freespace has never gotten that low in prod
– Possibly Change spacing for Computer Name (Larger, because of including domain) and Logical Disk (smaller, but with cross platform logical disks you may need the space)
– Redo the SQL query (250 disks now takes about 20 seconds on outdated all in one solution; I would be interested in knowing other query times)

This is provided as is with no support, just an update report that suited my companies needs and thought others could benefit from it.